What if Everybody Lived This Way

March 1, 2014

What if everybody lived this way?

What if every mother killed her children?

What if all men married men?

What if all women married women?

What if lying was considered equal to telling the truth?

What if there really was no God?

How Does Abortion Protect the Most Vulnerable

2015 Federal Debate Clip

How Does Abortion Protect the Most Vulnerable


Removing Fences

You May Have to Suffer for Your View

Steve Paigan of TVO tells  U of T professor. "You may have to suffer for your view."

What Can Happen At a Table

What can happen when Christians get to the public table?

Delusion of Equity

What did Kathleen Wynne say to the Gay Xtra soon after her election?

What did the Rainbow Health Coalition say about the GLB community in their complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission?

What does God say about sexual deviations from His plan?

Planning EDA Vision and Mission Goals

Ideas to assist in forming a Vision and Mission for your CHP EDA.

Ezra Levant - Christian Free Speech in Hamilton

October 3, 2016

Ezra Levant discusses the assault on Christian free speech in Hamilton.

Competing Human Rights... Where is the Justice?

June 2016

Jim Enos

Earlier this year the City of Hamilton agreed with the Ontario Human Rights Commission to institute policy regarding the use of public washrooms, change rooms and showers in City of Hamilton facilities.  This policy will permit males who identify as females to access and use public female washrooms, change rooms and showers; this despite significant public opposition.  While their reason for doing this changed over time the last reason for agreeing to do this was based on the idea of ‘inclusive society’ in which, A male who self-identifies as female and who lives as a female is a trans woman and, as such, is entitled to access women’s washroom and change room facilities”.

Blood Equity

September 8, 2013

Prepared by Jim Enos

Today, in our Canadian culture, there are those who use the term “Equity” to encapsulate all cultures, all worldviews, all lifestyles, all beliefs and all behaviours as equally moral and valid. One Ontario public school board presentation on equity included a power point slide which stated that, “no culture is wrong.” If this was true then honour killing would be honourable and cannibalism would be just another way to eat.  This false equity ideology has been pushed for about 10 years or so in the public school systems and created an environment of totalitarianism - bow to Caesar on this or face the lions.

In the past two years, the equity ideology has become blatantly dangerous as gay activists have been pushing to have the blood of males who have had sex with males (MSM) accepted with the blood of all other donors in the name of equity.  To place on a ban on the MSM groups, they cry, is discriminatory and hurtful.

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