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I attended an equity forum at a local school board which was in the midst of establishing their Equity Policy.  One of the power point slides made an astonishing claim which is really the cornerstone of new age equity.  The claim was, “No Culture is Wrong.”  I thought to myself, well that certainly is not true, because if it was then honour killings would be honorable and cannibalism would be just another way to eat.  

Diversity and multi-culturalism 40 years ago was simply about appreciating various folk cultures.  Today however, diversity, multiculturalism, inclusiveness and equity now mean that all viewpoints, all lifestyles and all behaviours are equally moral and valid. Hence, no culture is wrong.  Equity is an ideology seeking to create an ideal society yet has nothing to do with reality.  It is really just a new term for an old delusional philosophy of utopianism which seeks to break free of traditional loyalties,  old thought patterns and moral convictions. Equity seeks to liberate mankind from oppressive constraints like purity, fidelity and responsibility.

Today, some believe that not supporting someone in immoral behaviour is judgmental and may hurt the individual’s feelings.  Better a person destroy their life and others with their immoral conduct and feel good about it than warn them of   the harm they are doing and encourage them to do the moral thing.  True, their feelings may be hurt for the moment but the hurt incurred is not even in the same league as the damage they and others will experience should they continue in their immorality.

As Charles Colson expressed in his book, ‘How Now Shall We Live’, “The  denial of sin and responsibility is couched in therapeutic terms, such as the need to “understand even the worst crimes as a result of a dysfunctional childhood or other circumstances.  Symptoms of family breakdown - such as divorce, adultery and abortion - are defended as expressions of the individual’s free choice.  Social engineering schemes are dressed up as public compassion.  But these are all window dressings, for beneath these explanations lies the same false utopian view.  It is the same worldview that gives rise to totalitarianism.”

Totalitarianism is most certainly being enforced in Ontario by the Ministry of Education via the recently released ‘Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy’.  As one Catholic School Board trustee candidate put it, “The “over-reaching” Ministry of Education is abusing its power by imposing a homosexualized curriculum in the name of equity and inclusivity. It will lead to children being taught that homosexual unions are the moral equivalent of heterosexual marriage,” he warned, saying “this is something that the majority of parents do not want.”

Students who oppose such indoctrination will be marginalized by such labels as homophobic and heterosexist and possibly be sanctioned for standing up for the truth.   Teachers who refuse to comply with state indoctrination will be given the option of sensitivity training or dismissal.  

An equally totalitarianistic agency is of course the Human Rights Commissions which extort money from individuals and businesses who do not conform to equitism.  Employers who fire employees for stealing are ordered to pay money to the individuals who claim their feelings were hurt as a result of them being fired.

Remember, this is all part of creating an ‘ideal’ society.   

Which of the big 3 parties is speaking out against this false worldview of equitism?

Which of the big 3 are saying that Canada  must return to its  Christian foundation?

In 1982, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was put in place which states, “Canada is founded upon principles which recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.”  Where God refers to the God of the Bible.

Unlike Equitism which is a false ideology having nothing to do with reality,  God’s existence and His principles are realities that matter to individuals, societies and nations. CHP Canada is the only political party which is committed to governance that reflects these same principles.  

Voting CHP Canada is a matter of principle and a principle that matters.


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