Dear Senators - Bill C-389

Bill C-389 Gender Identity Compassion

February 21, 2011 (Family Day in Ontario)

Dear Senators:

I am taking some time during Ontario Family Day to write each of you regarding the concerning impact that Bill C-389 will have on Canada’s current and future generations. On the surface, Bill C-389 seems to be a noble gesture to provide special protections for a self-identified group of persons who find themselves suffering from the painful pathology of gender-identity confusion.

I agree that gender identity confusion is painful and warrants a compassionate response, thus my rejection of Bill C-389 is not a rejection of those who bear such pain, rather it is of those who choose to drive legislation and social policy on the false premise that gender identity is normative.

First and foremost is the question, Does any self-identified group require special protections legislation in Canada? The answer is no. All Canadian citizens are offered protection under Canadian law based on their personhood regardless of their beliefs or feelings. Offering special protections for one self-identified group results in inequality for all other Canadians.

Second and most troubling is where special protections of one self-identified group will lead to. To answer this question, we need only look at past legislation that was put in place to afford special protections of the various sexual orientation groups. This special protection made possible the promotion of sexuality disorders as normative throughout public schools across Canada and is creating confusion in the minds of young children. Further, this promotion is fiercely backed and now led by various levels of Human Rights Commissions.

Children and families who speak openly and truthfully about sexual disorientations as being disorders are sanctioned and labeled as homophobic and heterosexist bigots. Teachers who refuse to accept sexual disorientations as normative and to teach it as such are required to attend sensitivity training or are dismissed from their vocation. Private industry printers who refuse to print pro-homosexual propaganda are sanctioned by Human Rights Commissions and forced to pay extortion fees for hurting an individual’s feelings. To not expect this same result from the passage of Bill C-389 would be naive.

Public schools across Canada will use the opportunity to force Gender Identity Confusion as a norm under the guise of compassionate equity policy. Families and children will be forced to accept the false premise that Gender is simply a social construct which is not biologically determined.

Public washrooms, change rooms and showers will become uni-sex to massage the feelings of a few while showing total disregard for the feelings and emotional well being of the population as a whole. An absolute field day for the likes of former Colonel Williams who will claim to feel like a woman and proceed into the most intimately private facilities for young girls and women across Canada. Any individual or institution who attempts to prevent such unwanted intrusion will face the wrath of a Human Rights Commission.

None of what I have said above is unlikely, rather, based on recent history it is most probable.

Compassionate intervention for those who suffer from the painful pathology of Gender Identity Confusion I support. Special legislation of any one group in Canada I do not. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms speaks to equal application of the law for individuals not special treatment under the law for some groups.

Bearing all of this in mind, I sincerely urge you to vote against Bill C-389.






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