A Fifth Fundamental Right

November 3, 2011

Many followers of CHP Canada are aware of the three Fundamental Rights being the Right to Life, the Right to Freedom and the Right to Own Property.  Over the past 10 or so years it seems that Canada has established a fourth inalienable right; the right to indoctrinate children regarding homosexuality and the like against the wishes of their parents.  According to an Ottawa Citizen article of September 9, 2011, a fifth right may be on the near horizon; this being the right of humans to participate in sodomy while maintaining the ‘right ‘ to contribute blood to the blood bank of the general population.

In early September, Britain decided to lift the ban on such blood by having special testing conditions in place.  Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is considering following suit.  CBS reported that they have already begun their review.  It is important to note that regardless of CBS efforts to ‘massage’ the feelings of the high-risk behaviour group who claim they are ‘offended’ by a ban on their blood, Health Canada holds the power for final approval.

The homosexualists argue that the ban is ‘discriminatory’ toward gays but in fact, the questions on the blood donor questionnaire asks nothing about a person’s sexual preferences. It simply asks about one’s sexual behaviour.  The question to males is, “Have you had sex with a man even once since 1977?”  The question to females is, “Have you had sex with a man who had sex with another man even once since 1977?”  Answer ‘yes’ to either of the 2 questions and you are rejected not because of one’s sexuality feelings but due to the significantly greater risk that HIV infection is present, even though blood tests are negative for HIV.

Discrimination? Yes, rational discrimination based upon medical evidence.  Anal sodomy (penile and oral) is an assault on the human body.  Unlike the vagina which has multiple layers of skin and natural lubrication in place for natural intercourse, the anal canal is dry and has only one layer of skin.  It is therefore subject to bruising and tearing.  The mixing of feces, sperm, pathogens and blood in the anal canal is the sexually most efficient method of spreading diseases of all sorts including syphilis, anal warts and HIV.  Further, at the anal entrance is the sphincter muscle which serves the purpose of keeping feces inside the body and keeping foreign objects out.  Repeated entrance of foreign objects such as a penis, fingers or sex toys to name a few will weaken the sphincter muscle and lead to a life-time of adult diapers.  This helps to explain why 1 in 4 (25%) of Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) residing within the Region of Toronto were HIV positive in 2008 vs. 0.1% for men from non-endemic countries who contract HIV solely via heterosexual contact, a factor of 250.

In October of 2010 an Ontario Superior Court ruled regarding the ban of donors who were involved in sodomy either directly or indirectly.  In this case, a male from the MSM group attempted to lie about his sexual behaviours but was caught.  He claimed giving blood was a ‘right’.  The judge ruled otherwise.

In her ruling regarding the need for the targeted questions on the CBS questionnaire Judge Aitken wrote, “I accept that as individuals, many gay and bisexual MSM may experience a loss of dignity, a feeling of marginalization, a sense of disappointment, and a sense of injustice when denied the opportunity to give blood, and these reactions may be all the stronger and more poignant due to the history of discrimination experienced by gay and bisexual men. These are significant ramifications on the quality of life. That impact, however, is not in the same league as a blood recipient who has to use blood or blood products in order to survive or make life liveable, and who is asked to accept lower safety standards even though an adequate supply of blood could be provided if higher safety standards were imposed.”

We must ask, in the end, what is more important, the feelings of the donor or the health of the recipients?

We encourage each of you to contact the Minister of Health.  If you e-mail or send a letter, please ensure that your MP gets a copy.  If you call, then please also call your MP as well or better yet, make a visit.


Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health

House of Commons

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Ottawa, Ontario

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