Principle or Preference

November 11, 2013

Prepared by Jim Enos

(Some of the ideas expressed in this article in part are from a sermon presented by Dr. Charles Stanley.)


Principle or Preference

How an individual makes decisions is important to understand as our decisions often affect not only ourselves, but others as well. This is even more impacting when we consider how governing bodies make their decisions be it a municipality or a nation.

On what basis or foundation do we make our decisions, Principle or Preference?

Principle –    A moral rule based on the word of God guiding our conduct.

(These principles are unalterable over time)

Preference - Decisions and choices based on our likes, dislikes and our desires.

(These preferences are subject to the feelings of each individual and how they might feel at the time they make this decision.  Often these preferences are based on how it might benefit the individual)

Imagine a two-way road at night time without lighting. For those who make decisions based on the Principles of God’s word, this road has a brightly painted center line which keep the driver on the correct side of the road just as God’s Principles keep us on the right side of life. Those who live by the Principles of God choose to not cross the centre line.

For those who choose to live by Preference, there is no center line because decisions are made by how they might feel at the time or what others are saying.  They are going with the flow, wandering back and forth on the road but never knowing exactly where they are. Dangerous living.

If it is dangerous for an individual to make judgements based on their preferences, just imagine how much more dangerous it is for a nation’s governance to do the same.

CHP Canada (The Christian Heritage Party of Canada) is the only Federal Party that is committed to governance based on the Principles found in the word of God, all other parties base their governance on polls and public opinion. They undermine the Christian Heritage that made Canada great and the fallout is evident as is the social cost to try and clean up the mess.

Next time you vote, consider how you vote.  Do you vote on Principle or on Preference?  Then ask yourself,  how should you vote?


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