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When Statistical Preciseness Conflicts with Political Correctness

In this age of political correctness one must be cautious, not only about what is being said, but more so about what is not being said. Sadly, political correctness can be used to cover for behaviours and\or lifestyles which are statistically problematic. Yet, those who understand the implications of the statistics are deemed by the politically correct crowd as having a form of mental illness known as phobia - an irrational fear. In particular, this is true when dealing with the statistics surrounding the group known as MSM, men who have sex with men.

The politically correct preach that the MSM group are to be embraced and celebrated and that they should be made heroes of in children’s school studies, not simply because they accomplished something worth noting, but because they were among the MSM group. Society must hold parades, fly flags over City Halls and pay homage to such heroes during Gay Pride Week. We must be proud of such conduct in order to prove that we truly are part of a culture celebrating diversity and unconditional acceptance because this is the sign of a true loving humanist; it is all good! But what do statistics say? Is embracing the MSM crowd in their MSM conduct a loving act? Not according to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).



On February 1, 2007 at the “Gay Men’s HIV Prevention Summit” sponsored by the AIDS Bureau of the MOHLTC, some very revealing statistics were presented which serve to further clarify concerns that those of the ‘phobic’ community have been expressing for years. In particular, a table (Modeled Population, HIV Prevalence and Incidence among MSM by Region 2004) showed that 5.5% of the adult male population in Toronto belong to the MSM group with the provincial average being 2.0%. For the politically correct but statistically blind, this would seem to be a cause to rally around the flag pole, however, there is disturbing revelation in this table about this 5.5% which should cause most to be concerned, if not alarmed. In the year 2004, 19.6% of the Toronto MSM group were HIV positive; 1 in 5 of all MSM in Toronto were identified as being HIV carriers and are now destined to develop full blown AIDS at some point in time, 1 in 5. The bad news, however, does not stop there as the prevalence rate of 19.6% is accompanied by an incidence rate of 1.4%. What does this mean? This means that if the trend continues (and the author of the table says it will), each year 1.4% can be added to the 19.6 % prevalence rate resulting in a prevalence rate of 25% by the end of 2008, one more year. By the end of next year, 1 in 4 MSM in Toronto will be HIV positive.

How does this HIV prevalence rate of 19.6% for adult MSM in Toronto compare with the HIV prevalence rate among adult males who have contracted HIV solely via heterosexual actvivity? Is there any difference? We put this question to the author of the report and received the following response:

There are two groups of men in Toronto infected heterosexually, namely those from HIV-endemic countries (mainly sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean) and those from Canada and other non-endemic countries.

The prevalence among adult men in Toronto in 2004 may be estimated in these groups as follows:

HIV-endemic 0.94% (1,320 / 140,000)

Other heterosexual 0.10% (770 / 800,000)

Both 0.22% (2,090 / 940,000)”

When comparing the HIV prevalence for MSM to that of adult males from Canada and other non-endemic countries contracting HIV heterosexually, a factor of 196 is obtained (19.6% vs. 0.1%). HIV prevalence is 196 times greater in the Toronto MSM population than in the strictly heterosexual group. Recognizing this dramatic difference, we asked the author why this would be and received the following response:

“The higher HIV infection rates among MSM are likely due to the greater efficiency of HIV transmission through anal intercourse compared to vaginal intercourse and the higher number of sexual partners among MSM compared to heterosexuals.”

Homosexual conduct and lifestyle is destructive and embracing a human involved in such behaviour is not loving but cruel and hamful. Further, instructing children to believe that all sexual relationships are equal is criminal. Any person or institution attempting to ‘normalize’ homosexual relations in children’s minds must be held accountable.

Being equipped with the truth, we can fight back for the souls not only of our own children but for all children and also for persons caught in the dangerous web of homosexuality. Please consider how you might effectively share this article and accompanying table to defend children and rescue those who may practice or consider practicing homosexual conduct.


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