The Stones Will Cry Out

The Stones Will Cry Out

In April of 2011, CBC conducted a poll regarding the Canadian national anthem, O’ Canada.  The poll asked Canadians if they would support replacing ‘God keep our land glorious and free’ with a line that would not make reference to God.  It is not clear exactly what prompted the poll or what CBC anticipated the response would look like, however, the result it seems did catch them off guard when 86% of respondents objected to changing the anthem.  Now bear in mind, this poll was not taken at a church conference, it was taken from a cross-section of CBC followers who tend to be more liberal-minded than the general population.


Just recently I was looking up these poll results and came across a website which stunned me even more than the CBC poll.  The website is that of The Canadian Secular Alliance (CSA).  The subject of the web page was, ‘The Canadian Secular Alliance invites our government to make the national anthem secular, and thereby make it easier for all Canadians to show their patriotism’.  The justification provided by CSA for this secularization of the anthem was the results of a survey conducted by Harris-Decima in May 2008 which found that 23% of Canadians say that they do not believe in any god.  CSA states that this puts a sizable fraction of the Canadian population in a position where showing love for their country also entails invoking a deity whose existence they reject.

The obvious omission in their argument is the dismissal of the 77% who do believe in deity.  They suggest that the beliefs of the majority should be set aside for the non-beliefs of the minority; - sound familiar?  Nothing amazing here – it’s the same old same old.  Then came the stunning paragraph,

“The Canadian Secular Alliance recognizes that the mention of God in the anthem reflects Canada’s Christian heritage and salutes the great historical contributions of Christian Canadians towards the building of our nation.  However, Canada’s cultural and religious landscape has shifted significantly in modern times, and the anthem should be updated to reflect this reality.”

A stunning and open admission by a group who does not recognize God’s existence yet they recognize Canada’s Christian heritage and salute the great contribution of God’s people in the building of our nation.  In essence, Canada’s heritage is Christian, and Christian Canadians are to be credited in the building of Canada, but we the Secularists will take it from here, deny God’s existence, set Canada’s Christian heritage aside in a closet somewhere and move forward with Secular Humanists at the controls.

The logic here escapes me but does not surprise me.  This is to be expected of the Godless, “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie. . .” (Romans 6:25)  What breaks my heart is not the depraved thinking of the Secularists, rather it is the mindless thinking of Christian Canadians who say that supporting a political party which is founded upon our Christian heritage is a waste of time; hence, no vote is cast, and not even a salute is given.  The Secularists have more respect for our Christian heritage it seems than the vast majority of Christian Canadians.  We need only look at the voting results following each federal election.

Luke 19:40 tells us, “The stones will cry out.” In this case the stones are the Secularists and isn’t that shameful.  It is the Christian heritage that has made Canada great and it is the departure from this foundation and its associated virtues and principles that will destroy her.  Surely contending for the restoration and preservation of our Christian heritage is not a waste of time.  Actually, what could be more important?

Jim Enos

Ontario President

CHP Canada

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada


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