March 26, 2015


Recently, following a church service, the song ‘I Can Only Imagine’ was playing over the sound system. This song is the writer’s thoughts of Heaven; what it will be like and what he might do when he arrives there. Not only was this song popular in church circles, it also had significant air time on secular radio; it seems that those of the secular worldview like to imagine themselves entering heaven as well one day.

As this song ended, a congregant inquired of me if I recalled the song ‘Imagine’. I replied that I did and that it was written and performed by the late John Lennon.  However, Lennon’s song was distinctly different, perhaps opposite. The first verse reads as:

Imagine there’s no Heaven

It’s easy if you try

No Hell below us

Above us only sky

Imagine all the people

Living for today

Here Lennon, rather than face reality, chooses to imagine that there is no Heaven, no Hell; just people living for today. His belief system or worldview is viewed through the lens of naturalism, which at its foundation is the concept that nature is all there is, all life forms and everything is the result of nature; all mother nature, no father God. Typically, naturalists are also utopianists in that they believe human nature is good at its root and that the casting off of traditional behavioural boundaries and putting in place the right social and economic structures will bring out the good nature of mankind thus resulting in harmony and world-wide peace.


The Christian worldview is viewed through lens of theism; there is a transcendent God who existed before the world existed and who is the origin of everything that exists.  Christians believe that God has spoken, He has revealed an unchanging standard of right and wrong and that the boundaries He has laid out for mankind are healthy and for our benefit. We believe that human nature is evil at its root and that the casting off of these boundaries will allow the evil nature of mankind to go unchecked thus resulting in chaos.

The Christian worldview is the moral foundation of Canada’s Christian heritage and is worth contending for in the public square. To passively allow our Christian heritage to be stripped from Canadian governance is irresponsible folly. If Christians are not willing to participate at public governance tables at various levels of government just who do we think will be our voice of reason?

If we cannot imagine ourselves as Christians stepping up to seek positions at public tables and in public governance, perhaps we should imagine the results if we soon do not. Imagine living in a nation where we must simply rely on mankind’s nature alone as a basis for our wellbeing. This has already resulted in the brutal execution of the unborn, promotion and celebration of depraved sexual behaviours in public elementary schools and males having uninhibited access to public female washrooms, change rooms and showers. Imagine what might be next.

Jim Enos

Ontario President

CHP Canada

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada


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