Choices of the Past

July 20, 2015

The older I become the more I appreciate the wisdom of those more seasoned in life.

I was listening one day to a man in his 80’s who had 7 children, 14 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren, he was well-seasoned.  That particular day he presented a number of thoughts well-seasoned in wisdom.  The particular thought that I want to present here is about choice.  He said, “Your choices of the past have placed you where you are today.”  Such a powerful truth.

Of course, there are extenuating circumstances where this would not be true, where something beyond our control caused perhaps trauma in our life and we had no choice in the matter.  However, for most it is precisely their personal choices throughout life that placed them where they are today.  The impact of choice is not only real at a personal level, it is also true as a nation.


The nation of Israel made several choices over their history, some good which lead to blessing and others bad which led to cursing.  At one point in history, Joshua challenged the people of Israel to decide who they would serve.  Would they serve the one and only true creator God or would they serve the false gods of other nations.  Joshua warned them, if you turn away from the true God of Israel and serve foreign gods then He will turn and do you harm.  He has been good to you but if you turn against Him, He will destroy you.

Canada chose to be founded on Christian underpinnings, this is solidly evidenced.  The founders of Canada chose to place the footings on the Word of God, the God of Israel.  It is this Christian foundation choice which is our heritage and is the source of our many blessings historically.  Do not be deceived, God’s blessings are not a right to all, they are a privilege bestowed on those who serve Him personally and as a nation.  If as a nation we choose to turn away from God and look to other gods of convenience, self-gain and self-indulgence then we   can expect God to destroy us, if in fact we do not destroy ourselves first.

As a nation we have built a false economy now in debt to the tune of $616 billion dollars, we have murdered approximately 2.5 million innocent children prior to their birth, we have we think redefined marriage, we have kicked God out of the classroom and welcomed sexual confusion in.  We have ruled God out of civic meetings and yet we continue to sing God keep our land.

There is a biblical principle that is time-tested and proven, “You will reap what you sow, more than you sow and later than you sow it.” Canada as a nation has a devastating harvest on the way and prudence dictates that we need to turn and go another direction from the path we are on and return to the path we came from.  We at CHP Canada, the Christian Heritage Party of Canada pose this question, “Who will we serve as a nation?”  We urge that you seriously stop and think.  Will it be the one true God or will it be someone or something other?

As a representative of CHP Canada and candidate for the Hamilton Mountain, I unapologetically contend for the Christian worldview principles that have made Canada great and as your MP, I will commit to work toward the restoration and preservation of the same.  I seek your support in doing so.  When you vote, vote Jim Enos, Christian Heritage Party of Canada.


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