Man-Made Disasters

Today we live in a world which seems to be filled with disasters.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis.  Are these acts of God or acts of nature.  These kinds of disasters are beyond man’s doing or control although some will say that the hurricanes and tornadoes are attributed to global warning caused by mankind.

Then there are other disasters and tragedies which are of man’s doing and cannot be blamed on God or mother nature, depending on where your heart lies.  One recent example is the BP oil leak where crude surged out of the earth’s bowels leaving black toxic goop floating at sea, drifting onto beaches and wiping out aquatic and other oceanic dependent life.   There is evidence that this disaster occurred because appropriate safety measures were not taken and certain troubling signs were ignored. Engineers were aware that continuing to proceed was risky at best.  This oil spill was not intentional, however, in the end it is not the intention that is important, it is the results.

There is another man-made disaster, it is the termination of approximately 3.5 million innocent Canadian lives since 1969.   3.5 million unborn children extracted prematurely from their mother’s womb during any of the 3 trimesters of pregnancy or perhaps even others through infanticide, abandoning the new-born to die over a period of several hours.

Today we are certain that these unborn children are very much alive throughout the various stages of development in their mother’s womb and that abortion is the termination of innocent life.  We also know that women who experience abortion have greater risk of mental and physical health complications.

Where are the human rights activists when these murders occur?  Why is it that parliament is forbidden to even discuss abortion?  Why are grandmothers sent to jail for peacefully counseling women to prevent the murder of their child while the abortionists are allowed to continue?

Recent polls now suggest that the majority affirm the truth, that the unborn child is precisely that, a child.  Just ask the abortionists who use forceps to tear the child into pieces as they extract him from the womb limb by limb.  Barbaric murder which inflicts horrific pain on the innocent and defenseless child.

The scripted response is, “The intention of abortion is to allow women the ‘right’ to control their own reproductive organs not to inflict pain on the child.  That may be the intention but the result is horrificly painful murder, murder of the weakest and most defenseless in society.

I wonder how Canadian politicians would react if the blood of the 3.5 million murdered children were to wash up on our beaches.  No doubt most would react in horror. I wonder however, would this horror be about the inconvenience of the messy blood or would the horror be about the murdered children from whom the blood flowed .   I wonder.


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