Conforming to Ideology vs. Good Health

August 24, 2015

I along with hundreds of thousands of Ontario parents I am opposed to the efforts of the Ontario Liberal government to turn our Ontario public and Catholic school classrooms into social engineering laboratories of deviant sexuality and I am concerned with the lack of opposition to this agenda by the NDP or Conservatives either provincially or federally.  We at CHP Canada, Christian Heritage Party of Canada unapologetically oppose this ideological attack on Canadian children which is under way despite the public outcry of parents; the primary educators of their own children.

Under the guise of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, the Liberals are bullying an entire generation to conform to a false ideology which is based on a wish list but having nothing to do with reality.

Speaking about the Ontario Sex-Ed curriculum, psychiatrist Dr. Miriam Grossman recently stated, “The priority is not your child’s health, the priority is to mould your child’s thinking and attitudes so they respect, affirm and are comfortable with all sexual choices and lifestyles.  It most certainly is not based upon current knowledge about child and adolescent development, sexually transmitted disease, neuropsychology and many other areas.”

Dr. Grossman went on to say, “Adults have to teach children biological truths that could save their lives. “We can’t, for the sake of an idealized vision of what the world should be in someone’s mind, sacrifice the health and yes, sometimes the lives of young people.”

At CHP Canada, we agree with Dr. Grossman in teaching of biological truth rather than ideology and as your MP I will be a voice of reason, contending for truth in education at all levels.  CHP Canada – Bringing Respect for Life and Justice to Canadian Politics.


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