Why Gender Matters

August 28, 2015

(condensed from ‘Why Gender Matters’, 2007 Published and printed by Fatherhood Foundation)


We live in an age of gender confusion. Much of this is a result of social engineers attempting to convince us that gender is not fixed or static, but fluid and changeable; that there are not two genders but many genders; that gender is really only a social construct; and that gender is not important in human relationships. Gender role modelling is also on the decrease, because more and more children are growing up in households other than the mother-father household. The great majority of single-parent households are fatherless.


Many boys are growing up without a father figure and most schools have a predominance of female teachers. Boys lack good male role models. Confusion over gender is thus compounded and passed on to future generations.

There is an enormous and growing body of research, encompassing the fields of biochemistry, neurobiology, physiology and psychology, which all point to a clear conclusion: that there are profound differences between men and women. These go beyond physical appearances and reproductive differences; men and women differ at many levels.

There are four foundational principles that establish why gender matters:

1)   Gender differences exist; they are a fundamental reality of our biology and impact our psychology. Our   maleness and femaleness is a key aspect to our personhood.

2)   Acknowledging, rather than ignoring (or worse denying), gender differences is the only intellectually honest response to this reality.

3)   Gender differences are complementary; individuals, and society as a whole, all benefit from masculine and feminine characteristics. We are better for having men with a clear understanding of their masculinity and women with a clear understanding of their femininity.

4)   Gender identity confusion does exist in a small minority of individuals.  It is painful and warrants a compassionate response. However it is not the ‘normative’ experience and is not therefore a paradigm upon which to drive social policy and institutions.

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