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August 2015

One requirement for becoming a candidate in a Canadian federal election is to obtain a minimum of 100 signatures of “qualified electors consenting to the nomination”. For a large Electoral District Association these signatures can often be obtained at one meeting; however, for smaller EDAs it requires significant effort — going door-to-door, making cold calls and asking strangers to endorse your candidacy. This can be unnerving for some, yet it is a great training ground because you meet voters from various cultural and religious backgrounds.

This year I had a number of conversations at the doorstep, but I wish to highlight one particular occasion with a man who said that he was not committed to any religion but was well rounded in many religions and philosophies. During our friendly dialogue, he posed a very powerful question, which has stuck with me. He asked, “What is more important, what we believe or what is true?” I replied, “What is true, of course, because believing a lie does not make it true”, and then I complimented him on his thoughtful question. Before I left, he signed, endorsing me as a candidate, not necessarily because I was Christian. I think it was more because I took ten minutes to dialogue with him respectfully rather than argue in self-defence.

So let’s apply this question to this campaign: What is more important, what we want to believe or what is true? All of the candidates and parties want us to believe them, but is what they are saying true?

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau — young and ‘just not ready’ — has been quoted as saying:

“The budget will take care of itself.”

“I am quite certain that I could negotiate peace with ISIS.”

“The Liberals will bring manufacturing and well-paying jobs to Canada.”

His first two statements are clearly not to believed and require no disproof — but what about the third one?

In Ontario, provincial Liberals contracted for a multi-billion dollar long-term deal for wind and solar power without tendering for competitive bids. The small amounts of electricity these alternatives produce are costing Ontarian's too much and have led to Ontario having the highest industrial electricity rates in North America (Association of Major Power Consumer of Ontario. AMPCO) with further increases on the way as they continue to expand the alternative energy plants.

The Ontario Liberals are now going it alone to implement a provincial pension plan that will tax businesses and workers once again.

Both the provincial and federal Liberals plan to place a carbon tax system on manufacturing in Ontario and Canada-wide.

Will this combination of high electricity costs, additional pension fees, and a carbon tax help to bring more manufacturing jobs to Ontario and the rest of Canada?

Despite what Justin says about bringing manufacturing to Canada, there is no evidence that the Liberals can do that. No matter what one wants to believe, the evidence does not add up.

The Conservatives want Canadians to believe that they are ‘conservative’ — but where is the evidence?

  • The size of government has increased

  • The federal debt has increased

  • Parliamentary dialogue on abortion has been squelched

  • Health Canada changed its policy for blood donors, which previously placed a lifetime ban on male donors who have had sex with another male; the ban has now been reduced to only a five year restriction

  • Health Canada has recently approved the use of RU-486, which is a chemical abortion of children in the womb

  • 15 Conservative MP’s voted with the opposition to pass the federal Bathroom Bill

These are only some of the non-conservative undertakings of the ‘Conservatives’. The evidence is very different than what the Conservatives want us to believe, and what many conservative Christians want to believe.

Real evidence, rather than wishful ideology, must be the footing for public governance and policy. God’s word is loaded with principles that are true, time-tested and proven throughout the history of mankind. It is on these principles that Canada was founded and they continue to be the foundation of CHP Canada, the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

The three major parties will continue to try to make the election about the economy or perhaps our nation’s security against the likes of ISIS, but I must disagree. The most important concern for Canada is to return to our Christian heritage, as citizens and as a nation, to learn to fear the Lord again. In so doing, we would return to wisdom. If we first return to God and His ways, a healthy economy will be added unto us and our other needs will also be met.

Today is your chance to help us move toward that goal. Join CHP Canada and place yourself and our country back on a firm foundation.


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