Redhead Ducks and Christian Children


I was listening to CBC radio on 99.1 FM yesterday as I often do on Saturdays.  Not that I agree with the views they espouse, but more so because I like to hear how the world thinks in order that I may better understand the culture and perhaps better address it in a language or framework they relate to.

On a show called ‘Quirks and Quarks’ was a man discussing a recent study he had undertaken regarding Redhead ducks.  He explained that this duck species not only lay their eggs in their own nests but also in the nests of other Redheads and as well in nests of other duck species.  In this example, he named the Canvass-Back duck as the alternative species.

In his study, he observed the effect on Redhead ducks of being hatched and raised by a family and community of Canvass-Back ducks.   His observation was that when Redheads and in particular males, are raised in the Canvas-Backed Community, they become confused and make mistakes.  Although redheads are clearly redheads by appearance, they take on behaviours and movements of the Canvas-Backs.  However, despite their mimicking of the Canvas-Backs, they are not accepted by the Canvas-Back community.  The mistakes he described were when the Redhead attempt to mate with the Canvas-Back, this always resulted in rejection.

He then discussed that sadly, because the confused Redhead acts like a Canvas-Back neither is he accepted by the Redheads, rejected on both accounts.

It struck me how this fact of nature may relate to young boys from Christian homes and community attending a secular humanist public school starting at age 4.  The first 4 years of his life he is sheltered in the Christian environment then, suddenly, everything he knew and experienced to that point is challenged and often dismissed as unacceptable.  Because he does not use the language of many of his classmates or listen to the same music or watch the same movies or dress the same way, he is rejected by his classmates and demeaned.  His parents believed that by placing him in the public school he would be a light in the darkness, salt to the earth, a world changer, all at the age of 4.

As time passes, this young boy will have to make some tough choices, should he continue to adhere to all of his parents directions for the next 13 years or should he reject his parents direction in favor of being accepted by his classmates.  A tough decision for a young boy and no matter his choice, he will feel rejection either from classmates or his parents.  A very tough road to walk for a 4 year old.


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