You May Have to Suffer for Your View

Steve Paigan of TVO tellsĀ  U of T professor. "You may have to suffer for your view."



0 #1 Lucian Kawalilak 2018-02-15 21:50
I love the Freedom of Intelligence that reins in the heart of every true Canadian like Jordon Peterson. He has the heart for what is good and right for all people.

Please everyone live like a Canadian and not like a politically correct jailbird. Do you want bondage to come with your Canadian citizenship? There are bondage countries that live like this if you want to burden yourself with it - see "sharia law" being practiced in Muslim countries. PM Trudeau and MP Monsef and NDP Jagmeet are performing what I consider acts of "treason" (as a Canadian citizen) in trying to bring sharia law to Canada.

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