The School That Equity Built

Mr. Kokoski’s recent letter to the editor regarding Ti-Cat quarterback and gay activist Quinton Porter taping a gay-friendly message at Hill Park Secondary School caught me by surprise.  Having sat on the Sexual Orientation Steering Committee of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) for its full 2 year tenure and listened to union representatives reveal their plan to use the Sexual Orientation Equity Policy to promote ‘Queer Heros’, I should have expected it.

The religion of Multi-culturalism and Equity are not actually about appreciating folk cultures and respecting people of varying race; it is much deeper than that.  This false religion is founded on the premise that all viewpoints, lifestyles, beliefs and behaviours are equally moral and valid.  The HWDSB espoused this false religion one evening at an equity inventory forum where one slide stated that, “No culture is wrong”. Mr. Kokoski’s letter factually demonstrated only some of the ills of homosexuality.  Of course  ‘equitists’ will now declare this as hateful bigotry.  Equitists insist that society must disengage their brains and desist thinking critically as indoctrination does not permit intelligent consideration.

Just as certain physical actions produce predictable reactions, so certain moral behaviours produce predictable consequences.  In the case of Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term care revealed that in 2004, 1 in 5 MSM in the Region of Toronto were HIV-positive.  The OMHLT table also projected that by the end of 2008, this ratio would be 1 in 4; 250 times greater than for all other men from non-endemic countries.

Any school system or nation built on the false religion of equity has predictable consequences, devastating consequences for which we will all pay the price.


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