There Is No God, So Enjoy Your Governance

I wonder how many of us recall the bus ad campaign that took place in Calgary which was of the theme ‘There is No God.’ As I remember there were various slogans such as, ‘There Is No God - Enjoy Yourself’ and ‘There Is No God - Have An Affair’. They tried to bring that campaign to Toronto the Good however, after much consideration they turned the campaign away. I wonder if any of the ‘Big 3' political parties would be willing to bear such a slogan for their party platform. It could read something like, ‘There Is No God - Just Check Our Governance’. In doing so it would aptly describe the foundation upon which each party has built their policies.

There is no God so we the ‘Big 3' support the murder of the unborn. 3.5 million since 1969. It only makes sense that the right of a woman to control her reproductive organs outweighs the right of the child in her womb. After all, the fetus is not really a child until it has completely exited his mother’s body so let’s continue to allow that non-child to be executed as it is exiting the birth canal. It would be political suicide to go against the Status of Women who’s ideology is reflective of all Canadian women, ‘Kill if you must to protect your rights - We will be subject to no man’. Imagine all the taxes we would lose if women would stay at home to nurture that child. There is no God so let’s expand our killing policies to include the infirm, the weak and the aged. They are deadweight on our economy. Every party knows that, ‘It’s about the economy stupid!’ Let’s even go further and include the depressed and those with low IQ’s.

There is no God so let’s do away with the fact that marriage is an institution created by God -‘ One man, one woman to the exclusion of all others’. There is no God, so how could He have created it. Let’s re-define marriage to include two men or two women and extend to them all of the benefits afforded traditional marriage including children. Let’s allow children to be adopted into their homes and use surrogate mothers to carry children for them to adopt. After all, children don’t need a father and a mother and even if they did, their needs are outweighed by the wants and rights of  adults. Just remember, adults can vote, children cannot.

There is no God so we the ‘Big 3' continue to allow Teacher’s Federations across Canada to push the normalization of homosexuality in every public school and university under the guise of Equity. We the ‘Big 3' agree that Multi-culturalism and Equity are not actually about appreciating folk cultures and respecting people of varying race; it is much deeper than that. Multi-culturalism and Equity is now expanded to include ‘all viewpoints, lifestyles, beliefs and behaviours as equally moral and valid’. What we are essentially saying is that ‘No culture is wrong’, other than of course viewpoints of opposing political parties.

Finally, there is no God, but what can we the ‘Big 3' political parties do to shut down the voices of those who believe otherwise. Those fools that continue to propagate that there is a God and His laws are supreme, the same fools that insisted that the Supremacy of God and the rule of law be embedded in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

We will support the creation of Human Rights Commissions who will undermine the courts and shut down freedom of speech and dissenting views. We will support extorting money from those who dare speak out about our humanist agenda. We will break them financially by funding all expenses of those who apply to the Commissions for solace because their feelings were hurt while leaving the dissenters to pay their own bills. That way, when the dissenters lose their battle with the commission they will have no money to challenge the decision in a real court if there actually exists such a place.

But what if God is real?


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