Competing Human Rights... Where is the Justice?

June 2016

Jim Enos

Earlier this year the City of Hamilton agreed with the Ontario Human Rights Commission to institute policy regarding the use of public washrooms, change rooms and showers in City of Hamilton facilities.  This policy will permit males who identify as females to access and use public female washrooms, change rooms and showers; this despite significant public opposition.  While their reason for doing this changed over time the last reason for agreeing to do this was based on the idea of ‘inclusive society’ in which, A male who self-identifies as female and who lives as a female is a trans woman and, as such, is entitled to access women’s washroom and change room facilities”.

Blood Equity

September 8, 2013

Prepared by Jim Enos

Today, in our Canadian culture, there are those who use the term “Equity” to encapsulate all cultures, all worldviews, all lifestyles, all beliefs and all behaviours as equally moral and valid. One Ontario public school board presentation on equity included a power point slide which stated that, “no culture is wrong.” If this was true then honour killing would be honourable and cannibalism would be just another way to eat.  This false equity ideology has been pushed for about 10 years or so in the public school systems and created an environment of totalitarianism - bow to Caesar on this or face the lions.

In the past two years, the equity ideology has become blatantly dangerous as gay activists have been pushing to have the blood of males who have had sex with males (MSM) accepted with the blood of all other donors in the name of equity.  To place on a ban on the MSM groups, they cry, is discriminatory and hurtful.

A Fifth Fundamental Right

November 3, 2011

Many followers of CHP Canada are aware of the three Fundamental Rights being the Right to Life, the Right to Freedom and the Right to Own Property.  Over the past 10 or so years it seems that Canada has established a fourth inalienable right; the right to indoctrinate children regarding homosexuality and the like against the wishes of their parents.  According to an Ottawa Citizen article of September 9, 2011, a fifth right may be on the near horizon; this being the right of humans to participate in sodomy while maintaining the ‘right ‘ to contribute blood to the blood bank of the general population.

What We Believe or.....

August 2015

One requirement for becoming a candidate in a Canadian federal election is to obtain a minimum of 100 signatures of “qualified electors consenting to the nomination”. For a large Electoral District Association these signatures can often be obtained at one meeting; however, for smaller EDAs it requires significant effort — going door-to-door, making cold calls and asking strangers to endorse your candidacy. This can be unnerving for some, yet it is a great training ground because you meet voters from various cultural and religious backgrounds.

This year I had a number of conversations at the doorstep, but I wish to highlight one particular occasion with a man who said that he was not committed to any religion but was well rounded in many religions and philosophies. During our friendly dialogue, he posed a very powerful question, which has stuck with me. He asked, “What is more important, what we believe or what is true?” I replied, “What is true, of course, because believing a lie does not make it true”, and then I complimented him on his thoughtful question. Before I left, he signed, endorsing me as a candidate, not necessarily because I was Christian. I think it was more because I took ten minutes to dialogue with him respectfully rather than argue in self-defence.

Why Gender Matters

August 28, 2015

(condensed from ‘Why Gender Matters’, 2007 Published and printed by Fatherhood Foundation)

We live in an age of gender confusion. Much of this is a result of social engineers attempting to convince us that gender is not fixed or static, but fluid and changeable; that there are not two genders but many genders; that gender is really only a social construct; and that gender is not important in human relationships. Gender role modelling is also on the decrease, because more and more children are growing up in households other than the mother-father household. The great majority of single-parent households are fatherless.


Free to Be Me vs. Societal Well-Being

August 27, 2015

There was an item in the news recently where they reported that a male had been arrested at a Canadian Mall for exposing himself to children. My immediate response was, how indecent and uncomfortable this would be for the children.  I then thought of those who presented at a City Hall public meeting  in Hamilton requesting uninhibited access to public washrooms, change rooms and showers; using any facility, male or female, regardless of their anatomy. 

Conforming to Ideology vs. Good Health

August 24, 2015

I along with hundreds of thousands of Ontario parents I am opposed to the efforts of the Ontario Liberal government to turn our Ontario public and Catholic school classrooms into social engineering laboratories of deviant sexuality and I am concerned with the lack of opposition to this agenda by the NDP or Conservatives either provincially or federally.  We at CHP Canada, Christian Heritage Party of Canada unapologetically oppose this ideological attack on Canadian children which is under way despite the public outcry of parents; the primary educators of their own children.

Under the guise of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, the Liberals are bullying an entire generation to conform to a false ideology which is based on a wish list but having nothing to do with reality.

Choices of the Past

July 20, 2015

The older I become the more I appreciate the wisdom of those more seasoned in life.

I was listening one day to a man in his 80’s who had 7 children, 14 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren, he was well-seasoned.  That particular day he presented a number of thoughts well-seasoned in wisdom.  The particular thought that I want to present here is about choice.  He said, “Your choices of the past have placed you where you are today.”  Such a powerful truth.

Of course, there are extenuating circumstances where this would not be true, where something beyond our control caused perhaps trauma in our life and we had no choice in the matter.  However, for most it is precisely their personal choices throughout life that placed them where they are today.  The impact of choice is not only real at a personal level, it is also true as a nation.

Religion and Politics

The following letter to the Editor of the West Niagara News was published May 6, 2011 and is in response to an earlier article which suggested that "Christianity is simply too personal to bring to government and the political sphere".

The original article can be found at


Carolyn Goard gave her frank, if confused, opinion that religion and politics shouldn't mix. As an Antiochian Orthodox priest, I can agree with her in one respect: the Church should not be involved in political party politics. Most churches and most clergy would agree with this.  However, there is the fact that our Canadian Constitution states that Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law. The supremacy of God underlines the truth that there are natural and universal laws and rights which cannot rightly be changed at the whim of a legislature or a parliament.  Moreover Pierre Trudeau's revision of the national anthem includes the prayer, "God keep our land glorious and free." I think Trudeau was a very secular man, and yet his Constitution and revision of the national anthem show that we should not ignore God in our national life.

Bill C-628 - Can You See the Difference?


March 18, 2011

From my childhood I recall a television commercial for a lower cost laundry detergent known as ABC. Typically it would feature towels or clothing, half of which were washed in the higher cost detergent and half of which were washed in ABC. Some commercials featured identical twins wearing the items to be washed. The camera would focus first on the items washed in the expensive brand and then on the ABC washed items. The question then posed was, "I can’t see the difference, can you see the difference"? An effective commercial, although attempting to distinguish the difference via a black & white TV made it a challenge.

The NDP is continuing to use this same ploy in Parliament. Just after Canada’s House of Commons narrowly passed a special rights trans-gender bill (Bill C-389), NDP MP Joe Comartin introduced an amendment to the Criminal Code (Bill C-628) which had first reading on February 1st. This amendment if passed will "remove the distinction between anal sodomy and other forms of sexual activity and amend other sections of the Act in consequence."

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