Is Abortion a Legal Right in Canada

(The article below was prepared by Life Canada)

Abortion was illegal in Canada until 1969 when the Canadian Parliament passed a law that allowed abortion in certain circumstances to protect the “health” of the mother—the word “health” was not defined or limited. Then-Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau introduced a bill to amend Section 251 of the Criminal Code of Canada, which provided for abortions where the health of the woman was deemed at risk by a therapeutic abortion committee consisting of three doctors. Under the amendment abortions could only be performed in accredited hospitals by licensed physicians. All other abortions were still subject to the Criminal Code sanctions. Abortion remained in the criminal Code as a criminal offence outside of the proscribed circumstances.

In January 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada, in a case brought by Henry Morgentaler challenging the law, struck down Section 251 of the Criminal Code on procedural grounds. It found that the law was not applied equally across the country thereby violating the security of the person guarantee in Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Not all hospitals had established therapeutic abortion committees. Some had committees that simply approved any requests and others were far stricter. The court did agree that the state had a legitimate interest in protecting the fetus, referring to such an interest as a “perfectly valid legislative objective,” and invited parliament to draft another law restricting abortion.


A Person's a Person No Matter How Small

January 23, 2011

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

Your recent interview with Peter Mansbridge was most disappointing for many Canadians. In particular, I am speaking to the portion when Mr. Mansbridge badgered you into revealing your plan for bringing legislation that would deal with abortion should you manage to attain a majority government. You responded that you will never support any legislation regarding abortion. Your reasoning given was that legislation will not diminish abortion numbers and that this can only be achieved by a change of heart in Canadians.

Importance of Fatherhood

The governance of a nation is no simple task and covers a broad spectrum of topics from transportation, to taxation, to healthcare to national defense.  These are important topics which are often in the news, yet there is a topic which is rarely in the news and which is often demeaned in the media; the topic is fatherhood.

On June 15, 2008, Barack Obama, in a Father’s day address, stated the following:

“We know the statistics - that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and twenty times more likely to end up in prison. They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home, or become teenage parents themselves. And the foundations of our community are weaker because of it.”



Human Rights vs Right Humans

First prepared January 12, 2011 to address Bill-389 which died in Senate.

Now modified for Bill C-279 which may be voted on this Wednesday March 20, 2013.

Jeremiah 6:16 So now the Lord says, “Stop right where you are!  Look for the old, godly way, and walk in it.  Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls!  But you reply, ‘No, that’s not the road we want!’   (NLT)

Human rights are one of the main focuses in Western cultures.  It is human rights oriented campaigns that removed the disorder of homosexuality from medical books (most recently being in Alberta). The ‘normalization’ was then followed by special legislation deemed to protect self-declared homosexuals from violence when in fact all Canadians were already equally protected from violence.  This legislation thus provided ‘special’ protection not afforded other Canadians.  Then followed same-sex unions, same-sex adoptions and the normalization and celebration of homosexuality in public schools systems across Canada.  Those who dare speak out against this agenda must be ready to be labeled homophobic, heterosexist or a bigot.  One may even have to face a Human Rights Commission and steep fines.

Currently working its way through the parliamentary process is an extension to this sexual disorder normalization known as Bill C-279.  With full support from the NDP, Liberals, Bloc Quebecois, and even some Conservatives, Bill C-279 seeks to provide special protection from violence for self-declared gender disordered persons.  Once again, as Canadian gender disordered citizens are already protected from violence equally with all Canadians, we must ask why such special legislation is required.

Creating an Ideal Society


I attended an equity forum at a local school board which was in the midst of establishing their Equity Policy.  One of the power point slides made an astonishing claim which is really the cornerstone of new age equity.  The claim was, “No Culture is Wrong.”  I thought to myself, well that certainly is not true, because if it was then honour killings would be honorable and cannibalism would be just another way to eat.  

Diversity and multi-culturalism 40 years ago was simply about appreciating various folk cultures.  Today however, diversity, multiculturalism, inclusiveness and equity now mean that all viewpoints, all lifestyles and all behaviours are equally moral and valid. Hence, no culture is wrong.  Equity is an ideology seeking to create an ideal society yet has nothing to do with reality.  It is really just a new term for an old delusional philosophy of utopianism which seeks to break free of traditional loyalties,  old thought patterns and moral convictions. Equity seeks to liberate mankind from oppressive constraints like purity, fidelity and responsibility.

There Is No God, So Enjoy Your Governance

I wonder how many of us recall the bus ad campaign that took place in Calgary which was of the theme ‘There is No God.’ As I remember there were various slogans such as, ‘There Is No God - Enjoy Yourself’ and ‘There Is No God - Have An Affair’. They tried to bring that campaign to Toronto the Good however, after much consideration they turned the campaign away. I wonder if any of the ‘Big 3' political parties would be willing to bear such a slogan for their party platform. It could read something like, ‘There Is No God - Just Check Our Governance’. In doing so it would aptly describe the foundation upon which each party has built their policies.

Failed Culture Behind Honour Killing

November 2010


The following is in response to a Hamilton Spectator article entitled, 'The Failed Culture Behind Honour Killing'.

Richelle Wiseman’s article which challenges the culture behind honour killing was both well written and thought through yet contained some inaccuracy.  While she clearly states her stance (and Canada’s) against honour killing she attempts to spread the blame around to the point of including Christians of such hideous crime in an attempt to avoid Islamophobia.

I challenge her knowledge of Christ’s teaching and His example when he lived among mankind prior to His resurrection.

The School That Equity Built

Mr. Kokoski’s recent letter to the editor regarding Ti-Cat quarterback and gay activist Quinton Porter taping a gay-friendly message at Hill Park Secondary School caught me by surprise.  Having sat on the Sexual Orientation Steering Committee of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) for its full 2 year tenure and listened to union representatives reveal their plan to use the Sexual Orientation Equity Policy to promote ‘Queer Heros’, I should have expected it.

Dear Senators - Bill C-389

Bill C-389 Gender Identity Compassion

February 21, 2011 (Family Day in Ontario)

Dear Senators:

I am taking some time during Ontario Family Day to write each of you regarding the concerning impact that Bill C-389 will have on Canada’s current and future generations. On the surface, Bill C-389 seems to be a noble gesture to provide special protections for a self-identified group of persons who find themselves suffering from the painful pathology of gender-identity confusion.

I agree that gender identity confusion is painful and warrants a compassionate response, thus my rejection of Bill C-389 is not a rejection of those who bear such pain, rather it is of those who choose to drive legislation and social policy on the false premise that gender identity is normative.

Man-Made Disasters

Today we live in a world which seems to be filled with disasters.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis.  Are these acts of God or acts of nature.  These kinds of disasters are beyond man’s doing or control although some will say that the hurricanes and tornadoes are attributed to global warning caused by mankind.

Then there are other disasters and tragedies which are of man’s doing and cannot be blamed on God or mother nature, depending on where your heart lies.  One recent example is the BP oil leak where crude surged out of the earth’s bowels leaving black toxic goop floating at sea, drifting onto beaches and wiping out aquatic and other oceanic dependent life.  

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