"You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves."

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln



0 #2 Jeff 2011-04-24 17:27
First, thank you for both posting this and replying. I think it does say a lot about your integrity, I applaud you for not pressing the delete key. That does speak to you as a person.

As for your reply, please note I'm not angry, I found it odd you selected a quote from a man whom had never joined a church and whose faith to this day is debated instead of a far better quote about the poor from the Bible.

I don't disagree that there is room for many people to improve upon their situation, but increasingly the options for the poor are decreasing - and more good hard working people are falling behind and falling into poverty. This is not due to laziness or a lack of effort, but due to a growing slant in politics towards failed notions such as trickle down economics, corporate welfare, and government bodies bending laws towards business over individuals.

Thanks again for the reply! God bless and Happy Easter.
0 #1 Jeff 2011-04-24 14:18
The Christian Heritage Party uses a quote from Abraham Lincoln when talking about the issue of poverty. And one that implies the poor need to step up and get out of poverty by their own hand.

OR... the CHRISTIAN Heritage Party could have used a verse from the Bible such as, oh, this one:

1 John 3:17-18
If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

Saying the exact opposite. That the rich and powerful should take action to help the poor. Not that the poor should get busy helping themselves out.


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