As education is a matter of provincial jurisdiction under the Canadian Constitution, the Constitution must be honored.

This does not however imply that federal politicians cannot hold or express a vision of what education should look like. Federal politicians after all live in one province or another and are provincial tax-payers with vested interest. 

Education should primarily be a decision made by the parents for the child or the parents and teacher for the child. Parents have priori rights in the education of their children. Teachers, schools, school boards and provincial Ministries of Education are no more than employees of the taxpayers.

Perhaps the most destructive force in Ontario today is the Ministry of Education’s Inclusive Education Strategy. This strategy employs the false religion of ‘Multiculturalism and Equity’ to discriminate against reality - intentionally setting aside factual evidence in favor of utopianistic ideology. Utopianism seeks to liberate mankind from traditional loyalties, old thought patterns and moral convictions.  It’s goal is to break free from oppressive constraints like purity, fidelity and responsibility.

The religion of ‘Multi-culturalism and Equity’ is not actually about appreciating folk cultures and respecting people of varying race; it is much deeper than that. This false religion is founded on the premise that all viewpoints, lifestyles, beliefs and behaviours are equally moral and valid. Essentially what is being said is that no culture is wrong - nothing could be further from the truth. Equitists insist that society must disengage their brains and desist thinking critically as indoctrination does not permit intelligent consideration.

At the very least, those who believe that true education must begin with truth and that truth begins at the origin of mankind must be free to impart this into their children's lives without state interference and receive equal public funding in doing so.




0 #7 Jeff 2011-04-24 14:13
A lot of what you say is misleading, and motivated by an incomprehensibl e combination of paranoia and aggression towards those of a different viewpoint.

You write:
"This false religion is founded on the premise that all viewpoints, lifestyles, beliefs and behaviours are equally moral and valid."

This is flat out silly. You imply that the idea of multiculturalis m is so broad in accepting other traditions, religions, and cultural norms, that it accepts everything, even those that are strongly negative towards society, heck, even criminal.

This is hogwash. You know it, yet you peddle such ideas not only as fact, but as a reason I should vote for you. I find such thoughts muddled, confused, and on the threshold of racist - certainly prejudiced.
-3 #6 Ken 2010-12-22 04:13
Last year it cost taxpayers about $11,500 per student to (de)educate them in the Catholic system. Probably about the same in the public system. Think about it. Each classroom costs 20 X 11,500 equals $230,000 per year!
The cost for home schooling is about $1,500 per child.
We need to dump the whole education system and put some real people in there instead of career beaurocrats.
0 #5 Elaine 2010-12-21 20:38
I do not believe it is wise for parents who choose home education to receive government funding for this, in order to keep full control of their curriculum. Perhaps they could be exempt from paying the education tax in the first place, but any handout could come with strings attached.
0 #4 Ted Hewlett 2010-12-21 07:15
Mr. Enos makes an important point when he discusses the danger of espousing ". . . the premise that all viewpoints, lifestyles, beliefs and behaviours are equally moral and valid." I recognize the tendency to promote that belief in British Columbia Ministry of Education material advocating uncritically the respect for diversity. Of course not all diverse ideas are worthy of acceptance, and some are downright dangerous. From what I have heard, Ontario is following B.C.'s bad example, or perhaps they are both following the same bad example inspired by political correctness.
+1 #3 Steve 2010-12-21 02:11

Would you want your federal M.P. to remain silent if a students constitutional rights were being violated in a provincial institution ? If Jack Layton condemned racism or homophobia in a provincial classroom, would you suggest that Mr. Layton must be trying usurp provincial and parental authority and was trying to federalize education ?

When the federal Romanow Commission released their 400 page report on provincial health care, did you interpret this as an usurpation of provincial and patient rights ?

It is completely illogical to interpret Mr Enos' position as anything more than a genuine concern for our education system in general, and the rights of students and parents in particular. Constitutional rights should be everyones concern and are "pan-jurisdictional". And, just for the record, at no point did Mr. Enos "advocate federal jurisdiction". Please re-read his post.

-6 #2 JZ 2010-12-18 22:55
Federal politicians can certainly hold a position on education. If it is discussed in a federal forum it implies that there is federal jurisdiction. And advocating federal jurisdiction by discussing this issue here means that you are supportive of moving the educational policies one more level from parents and the local teacher from being a provincial matter to a federal matter. And thus making it one level of government more likely to be influenced by ideology that will fail children.

In fact I would go so far as to say that by discussing education in this forum that you are supporting the Ontario provincial government in removing the authority of parents in the education of their children.

So if you really advocate parental involvement in the education of children, to be consistent you need to remove the discussion from a website devoted to federal politics.
+2 #1 Irma 2010-12-09 19:20
Pilate asked, "What is truth?" when the TRUTH stood before him.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!" - Proverbs

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