As education is a matter of provincial jurisdiction under the Canadian Constitution, the Constitution must be honored.

This does not however imply that federal politicians cannot hold or express a vision of what education should look like. Federal politicians after all live in one province or another and are provincial tax-payers with vested interest. 

Education should primarily be a decision made by the parents for the child or the parents and teacher for the child. Parents have priori rights in the education of their children. Teachers, schools, school boards and provincial Ministries of Education are no more than employees of the taxpayers.

Perhaps the most destructive force in Ontario today is the Ministry of Education’s Inclusive Education Strategy. This strategy employs the false religion of ‘Multiculturalism and Equity’ to discriminate against reality - intentionally setting aside factual evidence in favor of utopianistic ideology. Utopianism seeks to liberate mankind from traditional loyalties, old thought patterns and moral convictions.  It’s goal is to break free from oppressive constraints like purity, fidelity and responsibility.

The religion of ‘Multi-culturalism and Equity’ is not actually about appreciating folk cultures and respecting people of varying race; it is much deeper than that. This false religion is founded on the premise that all viewpoints, lifestyles, beliefs and behaviours are equally moral and valid. Essentially what is being said is that no culture is wrong - nothing could be further from the truth. Equitists insist that society must disengage their brains and desist thinking critically as indoctrination does not permit intelligent consideration.

At the very least, those who believe that true education must begin with truth and that truth begins at the origin of mankind must be free to impart this into their children's lives without state interference and receive equal public funding in doing so.



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