Jobs and the Economy


Perhaps the greatest drag on the economy is our national debt which currently sucks approximately $30 billion annually from our wallets in order to cover the interest payments on the current $560 billion dollar debt.  The Conservatives project that it will take at least another 4 years of deficit spending until we reach balance.  By that time we will be looking at a national debt of approximately $700 billion.

Debt payments will continue to pressure tax increases and tax increases will continue to cause Canada to lose it's ability to produce goods at a competitive price.  The result - lost jobs or lower wages or both.  The only true cure for our economy is to swallow the pill in whole and now.  CHP Canada proposes zero-deficit budget legislation and to treat the national debt like a mortgage – begin to pay it down.

We know what happens to family households who operate like this, why do we think it is any different for government? 

Econmomy based on a solid foundation is a matter of principle and a principle that matters.


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